Paris, days 2-4





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I’m currently listening to Backstreet Boys (thanks to the “90’s smash hits” playlist that popped up on Spotify a few weeks ago, I CAN’T STOP revisiting my music obsessions from the 90’s). Fun fact: When I was a kid, Mom would blast BBoys songs loud to get me out of bed in the morning. I love her.

Anyway, Paris! Here’s what we did our last few days:

day 2:

-the Louvre (blogged about here)

-crepes at Caramel Sarrasin (close to our airbnb)–I had one with pear and brown sugar on top. Yummy!

-twilight cruise on the Seine river 

Notes: The cruise was great! $14 a person, lasts an hour, perfect at night when you can see the Eiffel Tower sparkling (it lights up for 5 minutes at 10 pm, 11 pm, and midnight). Watch for pickpockets! They were on the stairs as we left the dock area, targeting a guy in front of us. They hang out in stairwells outside metros as well and walk up close behind people. They usually travel in pairs or groups of three.

day 3:

Picasso museum (go if you can fit it in! Waldir & I both really liked this museum. Picasso’s work is much more diverse than we realized.)

l’Orangerie museum (it houses Monet’s water lilies–8 murals in two rooms–and beautiful exhibits downstairs, too.)

-after a power nap, back to the Louvre for a second visit.

Arc de Triomphe

Notes: I recommend climbing the Arc de Triomphe to get a view of Paris (we did this rather than climb the expensive & incredibly crowded Eiffel Tower). It’s covered by the Paris Museum Pass. We climbed up around 9 p.m. and stayed for the sunset, which happened after 10 p.m. Perhaps my favorite memory from Paris (though it’s hard to pick just one!).

Since we visited three museums in one day, we paced ourselves, only giving ourselves a certain amount of time in each place. That was a good strategy (otherwise we would have spent too much time in the first and second ones and burned out).

day 4:


-Walk to the Eiffel Tower to get a close-up, daytime view. We preferred the view of the tower from the river at night and from the Arc de Triomphe. 😉

-Food at a local restaurant near our airbnb. We found the best restaurants outside of central Paris and closer to our airbnb. I’ve found it’s a good idea to get out of the touristy parts for the best food.

-To the airport to fly home.


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