Powder Mountain

In November, Waldir and I celebrated Thanksgiving, Dad’s and my birthday, and Christmas with the Carson side of the family in the mountains (Powder Ridge) in Utah (we combined holidays since we won’t all be together again this year). We enjoyed a warm little condo and the scenery of heavy snow fall outside. I convinced certain (brave) family members to bundle up, put boots on, and come outside with me for daily walks. I also held “Jenna aerobics,” which no one participated in, but Kaitlin played obnoxious music (think A*Teens) for me while I jumped around, and I caught Shalane filming me while doing jumping jacks and tae bo moves. That little stinker put the video on her snap chat with the captain: “I thought this was vacation.” I’m glad I at least provide entertainment. Shalane did join me for yoga. Tyler only wanted to do yoga long enough for me to fly him in the air for bird pose. I’ve got a video of him *almost* falling on me—ask Shalane to send you that video for a laugh.

During this much-appreciated break and family time, we mostly played card and board games—the Carson thing to do. I wanted to re-watch all the Harry Potter movies but we only watched two (HP 1 and the last HP) because we were busy playing games. Some Carson favorite games right now are any version of Ticket to Ride, Play Nine, and Hand and Foot. We gifted Dad the game Exploding Kittens, which was a hit.


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