Historical Moment: Four Mormon Women at Harvard Divinity

Four Mormon women begin graduate school at Harvard Divinity School this week.

It’s a historical moment, because the acceptance of four Mormon women to HDS at the same time is an unprecedented event.

We think this is a big deal. Don’t get me wrong–we’re not a big deal. But we’re witnessing, in this moment more than ever, a wave of Mormon women interested in pursuing theology at the university. We’re watching unprecedented opportunities open up for Mormon women both within and without the church.

The four of us–Amy, Kim, Emily and myself–feel God calling us to a certain space. We see Him paving a way for each of us. We’ve been given the gift to pursue our vocation at one of the best divinity schools in the nation. We sense work ahead, and we’re grateful.




  1. May I ask what you are all planning on doing with your MDiv? I’m not trying to be critical or judgmental or anything like that – I am just a Mormon women who desperately wants to go to divinity school as well, but has no idea where that leads to in a church that doesn’t have ordained ministry.

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    • Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your comment. Emily, Kim, and Amy plan to get PhDs and are considering teaching religion at a university (there’s more to that–hopefully they will comment as well). I’m torn between going on for a PhD, going to law school, or working for a non-profit. Emily and Kim are interested primarily in studying Philosophy of Religion; Amy is currently focusing on women but might change that; my focus is Religions of the Americas. There are so many possibilities–Go for it!


  2. This is awesome. I was in Kim’s Jerusalem Center group in 2009. She is brilliant. I can’t wait to see what comes of all your studies! 🙂 My sister taught at Harvard (briefly) and went to Yale’s divinity school. She no longer refers to herself as Mormon, but she was Mormon when she started. It’s great that you gals get to be in it together. Stay close to each other, to your spouses and to the Lord.

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  3. I was a lone LDS woman at HDS back in 1987-90 earning an MTS degree. It was often a very lonely experience. I’m thrilled you have each other and wish you all well!

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    • Hey Blake,

      My personal interests align more closely with the continental tradition than the analytic, which is one of the reasons I applied to Harvard over other schools. Even with continental thought as my primary lens, however, I’m of the opinion that it’s good practice to draw on a variety of thinkers, and Harvard certainly has the resources to support research on both sides of the divide. Could you explain a bit more about what you mean by “the tradition?”


  4. With increasing numbers of women serving traditional LDS missions, I wonder if greater good could occur if some of them joined you in divinity school, then taught good biblical history through that lens. Our CES/Seminaries & Institutes programs need good biblical teachers. Our university campuses too. Comments?

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